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Shenzhen Santong Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, which enjoys the "innovation capital". In 2019, the production plant was moved to Tangxia, Dongguan. A number of technical backbone of the company began to engage in flat coil production and flat wire vertical winding processing equipment development in 2004. Is a flat coil vertical winding equipment and flat coil research and development, production, sales, service in one of the automation equipment and flat coil manufacturers.

The company has a large number of customers to develop and produce a variety of flat coils, the company through its own equipment to produce products at the same time, the machine equipment for a full range of optimization and improvement, so that our equipment is more stable and close to production, production of product quality is more stable, machine stability is more stable.

The company has many of the earliest technicians involved in flat wire vertical winding in China. The main application fields of the company's products and equipment are inductive transformers, inductive transformers of charging piles, 5G devices, photovoltaic new energy inverters, electric vehicle power supplies, electric drive motors, inductors of industrial intelligent robots, etc

At present, the company serves more than 200 well-known inductor transformer enterprises at home and abroad, such as Shengmeida, Tamura, Jabp, Jingquanhua, Igor, Mingpu, Klik, Haiguang, Yamasei, Mejie, Shunluo, etc.

The main terminal applications of the company's products are: photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile, vehicle and communication products of Huawei, solaredge, DJI Innovation, Sunshine Power supply, Jinlang, Goodewei, ZTE, Tesla, BAIC, Geely, etc.

Sandong Weiye focuses on flat wire vertical winding equipment and coil processing, we hope to contribute to the large-scale use of flat wire vertical winding through continuous innovation and continuous efforts.

After nearly ten years of technology accumulation and precipitation, the company has formed the following blocks of rapid response to customer needs:

1. Research and development, production and sales of flat wire vertical winding equipment;

2. flat vertical winding coil customization, production and sales;

3. self-adhesive wire cake, flat wire cake winding equipment research and development, production and sales;

4. self-adhesive thread cake, flat thread cake customized, production and sales;

5. Design, production and sales of all kinds of flat line, line cake mold and supporting tooling;

6. flat coil inductor, transformer automatic assembly line customized development;

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